More Benefits, Full Security

  • The Monghyr Jamui Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., gives 0.5% more interest rate on all fixed deposits which are being given by other nationalilsed banks.
  • All the Fixed Deposits are Insured. Mumbai based DICGC insurance company gives full guarantee of the payments on all such deposits.
  • We also have all the LOAN FACILITIES which are available in other commercialised banks.
  • Total 18 Branches of The Monghyr Jamui Central Cooperative Bank Ltd are equipped with Core Banking System (CBS).
  • Locker Facility is also available at Munger and Lakhisarai Branch.

Interest Rate Effective From 1st October 2020

SrPeriodRate Applicable
1 From 7 to 14 Days3.00%
2From 15 to 45 Days3.25%
3From 46 to 90 Days3.25%
4From 91 to 180 Days3.50%
5From 181 to 01 Year4.50%
6From 01 Year to 02 Year4.75%
7From 02 Year to 03 Year4.75%
8From 03 Year to 10 Year5.00%

For Senior Citizens 0.5% extra Interest are given.