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बैंक द्वारा अपने ग्राहक से कभी भी एवं किसी से भी फोन, एस एम एस एवं ईमेल के माध्यम से किसी प्रकार की जानकारी नहीं मांगी जाती है ।
किसी भी अंजान व्यक्ति को अपना ATM PIN, OTP या CVV की जानकारी नहीं दें।

Appointment of Statutory Auditor for FY 2023-24

Appointment of Statutory Auditor for FY 2023-24

Appointment of Statutory Auditor for FY 2022-23

Appointment of Statutory Auditor for FY 2022-23

Wanting Executive Bag For Bank AAM SABHA


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The Monghyr Jamui Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd.

The Monghyr Jamui Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd. was registered under Bihar & Orissa co-operative Societies Act. 1935. With registration number 56 on 30th January 1958.

The Same day Bank started its operation. License for operation of the bank was granted by Reserve Bank of India vide letter no. RPCD/DCCB/PAT **/2011-12 on 30th March 2012 under section 22 of the BR Act 1949 (AACS).

The area of operation of bank covered Four districts viz Munger, Jamui, Lakhisarai & Sheikhpura of Bihar State. Many PACS (Primary Agriculture Credit Co-operative Societies) are affiliated with the bank. Apart from PACS there are various other spl. Type Co-operative Societies like fishermen societies and weavers societies are also affiliated with Us.


The Mission of DCCB MUnger is to make farmers able to get the basic agriculture related resources such as Machinary, equipments, compost, seeds, insecticides easily.
Farmer members should be covered by agricultural insurance and accident insurance. Self-help groups and farmers club should be formed, and activating it should be made aware of advanced agriculture by Agriculture Baranik, a camp for conducting soil check for better yield. Small businesses and cottage industries based on agriculture-based and cooperative can be established. Financial, banking and professional literacy and awareness should be taken in rural and agricultural schools.


The Monghyr Jamui Central Co-operative Bank Limited has expressed its commitment of providing all sorts of support and resources to its farmers, through its limited resources, to the farmers. Today the bank has been equipped for better services from other technical resources. The requirement is that a consolidated scheme should be prepared for the economic development of each rural household in the district.


Smt Mintu Devi


Sri Dharam Nath Prasad

Managing Director


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